Clash Royale Clans - How to choose the right one

With Clash Royale, the makers Supercell can build on the success of Clash of Clans. As with the strategy game, you can also join a clan at Clash Royale to go online with friends and fellow players - after all, you're "less alone together".

Clash Royale is not a Clash of Clans part 2. The game however brings numerous popular game elements from the games hit for Android and iOS. If you want to find new friends and fellow players, change here in the comments.

Clash Royale: Join a clan - that's it

Within a clan, you can make battles faster and build your deck faster. In addition, you have a bonus when it comes to unlocking extras and rewards.

- If you want to take the lead of your friends in the hand, you can create your own Clan in Clash Royale.
- The prerequisite is that you have reached Level 3 at least.
- This minimum level also applies if you want to join a clan.

If you have found several friends who want to join your alliance, you can create the clan as follows:

- Controls the options for the "clan" in the game menu.
- There is the option "Create your own clan" in the upper section.
- In addition to the opening of your own team, you also have the opportunity to join an existing network.
- Select the "Search for existing clan" option.

Clash Royale: Clans and find new friends

If you do not know any friends who want to play Clash Royale, or if you want to enlarge your own team, you can exchange in the comments. Just post your clan or nickname to find new friends or join a clan. You can also add your own clan names here if you are looking for new members.

Note that some clans can only be accepted after an invitation. If you already belong to a clan, you can not send any further requests. Even if a window with a rejected request is still open, you can not ask for a new membership request. If you get a direct invitation from a Clan clan or a Clan clan, you can join the team directly.


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