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In Dragon Mania Legends you nurture your own dragon and will equip them for the fight with rowdy Vikings. The free mobile game offers you a variety of entertainment in a colorful fantasy world.

In motley Mobile Game Dragon Mania Legends you grab the profession of a dragon breeder and try the former island home of noble pangolins recapture. For eons the mystical fantasy realm of Dragolandia generations majestic dragon served as a breeding ground - until the Vikings arrived and the lands were going to snaffle.

In Dragon Mania Legends you undertake the attempt to establish the rule of the dragon again by you plant numerous dragons dwellings on your island and the animals ansiedelst there. At first you did not do it with fire-breathing beasts fight, but with small, cuddly pups, which are dependent on your help and care. In the free-to-play mobile game you take on the duties of a first dragon Mama before you take on the role of a tough Drachentrainiers. This means you päppelst your little proteges to tidy until they are large enough for training. Then finally the really fun starts in Dragon Mania Legends! In the game waiting over 100 different species of dragons for you. Each of them has special skills you ever ausbaust over time.

To triumph over the Vikings, you still have a very special ace up his sleeve. In Dragon Mania Legends you have the ability to cross all your dragon species together. This will allow you countless new creations to launch and develop over generations powerful abilities, each beat of your enemies to flight.

Opportunity to fight you in the action-packed strategy game more than once. Besides the great expulsion of the Vikings you stand in the arena of Dragon Mania Legends the dragon of the other players. In exciting fights lets everyone of you deploy three of its virtual pets and the difference between victory and defeat.

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